Episode 009 – Disengagement is not the answer

When the chaos of the news cycle “drowns out life“ what should we do? Pretend we’re isolated individuals, that nobody else matters, and double down on our sense of helplessness? We think not! Tim and Peter discuss a recent article in the Providence Journal suggesting disengagement as a viable coping strategy.

We discuss the article: “When the chaos of a 24/7 news cycle drowns out life, what do you do?”

Peter references concepts from the book Tribe by Sebastian Junger.
“This book is about why tribal sentiment is such a rare and precious thing in modern society, and how the lack of it has affected us all. It’s about what we can learn from tribal societies about loyalty and belonging and the eternal human quest for meaning. It’s about why—for many people—war feels better than peace and hardship can turn out to be a great blessing and disasters are sometimes remembered more fondly than weddings or tropical vacations. Humans don’t mind duress, in fact they thrive on it. What they mind is not feeling necessary.” — Sebastian Junger

Edward Abbey quote:  “Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul.”

Music by Bryan Cahall.

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